Ricky Martin’s twins have blossomed into young adults, bearing a striking resemblance to their Dad.

Ricky Martin stands as a prominent figure among his peers in the music industry. Renowned for his striking appearance and captivating voice, the Puerto Rican singer has left an indelible mark. At the age of 52, he embraces the role of a proud father, with four children to his name.

His eldest offspring have blossomed into their teenage years, bearing a striking resemblance to their celebrated father.

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Ricky Martin had wanted to be a father for a long time but his sexuality did not make the journey easy.

The singer expressed his long-held aspiration, stating, “For many years, I dreamed of becoming a father. Yet, I often grappled with the reality of being gay, feeling closeted, and doubting my ability to fulfill that dream.”

Martin embarked on the journey of single fatherhood, welcoming twin boys, Matteo and Valentino, through surrogacy in 2008. Now at the age of 15, his sons stand as a testament to his love and dedication.

In 2017, Martin tied the knot with Jwan Yosef, marking a new chapter in his life. Reflecting on his marriage, he shared, “When my kids inquire about having two daddies, I reassure them that we are part of a modern family, embracing the beautiful sense of freedom it brings.”

The couple expanded their family with the arrival of daughter Lucia and son Renn, who are now 5 and 4 years old, respectively. Conceived via surrogate, the siblings were born nine months apart, adding joy and completeness to their loving household.


Martin expressed his lifelong desire for a large family, revealing in a 2020 interview, “There are moments when I envision having 10 more [children], and then there are those chaotic mornings where everyone’s in tears, and I think, ‘Maybe we’re good at six.’”

However, in July 2023, Martin and Yosef made a public announcement of their divorce after six years of marriage. Despite this, they emphasized their commitment to maintaining a healthy family dynamic focused on peace and friendship for the sake of their children.

Their eldest son, Matteo, the older fraternal twin, was born on August 9, 2008, weighing 6 lbs. 13 oz. His name, meaning “gift from God,” reflects the joy he brings to the family. As they’ve grown older, the twins have begun accompanying their father to his work engagements. Matteo even made a cameo in one of Martin’s music videos, capturing a special father-son moment.

In interviews, Martin has shared how his children provide candid feedback on his performances, critiquing his singing and dancing skills with refreshing honesty.

“They tell me, ‘Dad, yesterday was better than today. What’s going on with your singing?’ They are very honest, and I appreciate it,” Martin said in a 2020 interview.”[They say], ‘I like the dance that you did yesterday. Today was a little bit weak, Dad.’ This is what’s happening in this house.”

Valentino, the younger twin, born just minutes after his brother, shares Matteo’s age of 15. His name, meaning “brave one,” hints at his aspirations to become a renowned YouTuber.

“Matteo is more into the arts and Valentino is gonna spend his life in front of a screen because he wants to be the best YouTuber in the world,” said.


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Both teenagers now closely resemble their father, often standing nearly as tall as him. Martin occasionally shares glimpses of their family moments on social media, offering fans a rare peek into their lives.

Martin’s first daughter, Lucia, arrived in 2018 and is now a delightful 5-year-old. Martin and Yosef joyfully shared her arrival on Instagram, expressing profound gratitude for the precious gift of life as they welcomed the new year in 2019.

Adding to the family’s joy, their youngest member, Renn, entered the world through surrogacy while Martin and Yosef were married. Born on October 29, 2019, the couple introduced their baby boy to the world with a heartwarming Instagram post, cradling their newest bundle of happiness, accompanied by the caption, “Introducing our beloved son, Renn Martin-Yosef.”

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Ricky Martin’s twins have blossomed into young adults, bearing a striking resemblance to their Dad.
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