3 sisters over 100 years of age share their reasons for a long and healthy life.

A lot of people wish they knew a secret to a longer living. From the obvious everyone should take care of their health. But this might be not the only reason, why some people live longer.

There is an interesting case of three sisters, who live in Kansas, USA. They are 104-year-old Julia Kopriva, 102-year-old Lucy Pochop, and the baby, 100-year-old Frances Kompus.

They believe, that their shared life longevity is no coincidence. And they think, that these are the reasons for a long and healthy life:

Hard work

All three sister were working on land since their childhood. Their father had a farm in Beardsley, Kansas. “There was no modern tractors. We had to take gasoline out in the field in 5-gallon buckets”, the sisters said. Besides that, they had to got to school, which was two miles away every day, in any kind of weather.

Eating good

Home cooked meals were the only food they ate. And all the vegetables, milk, eggs and other products were from their farm. May be the food wasn’t that exquisite, but it was of good quality and healthy.

Staying social

It’s important to remain interested in life and in different activities, have hobbies and learn something new. Even if you just go for a walk with your friend, it will do you good.

Keeping the faith

Another secret the sisters shared was their belief in god. “I think faith comes first!” Kopriva admitted. This faith helps them to find meaning in their lives, plus makes them less afraid of what comes after.

Having each other

That was one of the sweetest reasons, that they named. The sisters always stayed close, relied on each other, helped each other, especially after they became widows. They spend a lot of time together playing board games and gossiping. None of the sisters ever felt alone in the world.

What do you think? Are these good enough reasons?


3 sisters over 100 years of age share their reasons for a long and healthy life.
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