76-year-old woman is criticized for not dressing her age – her response shuts trolls up.

The phrase “age is just a number” is commonly used worldwide, although not everyone shares this belief. When a 76-year-old grandmother showcased her sense of style, she faced some unkind comments.

But she did not hold back either. Keep reading to know more about what happened!

Meet Candace Leslie Cima, a multi-faceted 76-year-old woman hailing from Buffalo, New York. Aside from being a wife, mother, and grandmother, she is also an artist, businesswoman, and model.

Cima runs a blog called “Life In My 70s: Aging Is Changing,” where she offers advice to women on embracing personal growth as they age, as well as lifestyle and fashion tips. Her interest in the aging process dates back to her 20s and 30s, and she has owned a senior housing facility for several decades, allowing her to interact with elderly individuals from all walks of life.

Drawing from her extensive experience with aging individuals, Cima firmly believes that “Aging is Changing.” She emphasizes that women in their later years have the opportunity to remain productive, intelligent, compassionate, and stylish—not confined to the traditional roles of their mothers or grandmothers.

Candace Leslie Cima, in addition to her blog, also maintains a TikTok account where she shares glimpses of her life and her fashion choices with her nearly 100,000 followers. While she has garnered numerous admirers, she also faces criticism from trolls who disapprove of her clothing preferences.

Cima frequently flaunts trendy outfits in her TikTok videos. In one particular video, she confidently dons light blue slacks, a white short-sleeved top, and heels. The accompanying text in the video mentions the comments she often receives, suggesting that she shouldn’t wear such attire at “60 years old.” However, Cima brushes off these remarks and proudly reveals that she is actually 75 years old at the time of the video!

Another TikTok video showcases Cima leisurely strolling near a swimming pool during her vacation in Florida, sporting a stylish black one-piece swimsuit. Commenters showered her with praise, expressing admiration for her incredible appearance.

Cima created her TikTok account with the intention of inspiring other women to embrace the beauty of aging and discard the negative stereotypes associated with it.

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Within her blog, she frequently highlights the advantages of aging and how it brings about positive personal growth. She personally cherishes the reduced stress that comes with growing older and delights in the opportunity to learn new things and embrace fearlessness. She encourages women to view aging as a transformative experience, proclaiming, “Many older women live vibrant and fulfilling lives as they age. More and more women are setting records and breaking through barriers.”

Cima is resolute in her mission to empower older women, urging them to reject societal rules dictating what they can or cannot wear. She strives to challenge the notion that certain activities are off-limits beyond a certain age.

As Candace Cima continues to age, she recognizes the potential for stress and anxiety to affect her mental well-being. Through time and meditation, she has learned valuable techniques to combat these feelings.

With each passing year, Cima gains a better understanding of what works for her in life. She emphasizes the significance of attitude, stating, “Attitude is everything, and changing your perspective can alter your feelings about a situation. By changing how you feel, you can change the outcome… Aging doesn’t mean stopping; it means accumulating unstoppable wisdom if you choose to embrace it.”

Growing older has also highlighted the importance of maintaining good health for Cima. At 76 years old, she adheres to an active routine and shares glimpses of her fitness regimen. She incorporates a dedicated yoga practice to keep herself physically and mentally agile.

One of her yoga videos garnered a multitude of comments, with viewers expressing admiration for her flexibility even at her age. She serves as a powerful role model, illustrating what healthy aging can look like. A viewer commented, “You are truly inspiring! At 44, I follow a few older women on social media to witness graceful and healthy aging.”

Despite facing ageist comments, Cima refuses to take them personally. At 76 years old, she exemplifies how beauty transcends age boundaries.

Candace serves as a joyful reminder that aging gracefully is achievable when one lives life on their own terms. Share this inspiring story with your friends and family to demonstrate the possibility of embracing the aging process with grace and positivity.

76-year-old woman is criticized for not dressing her age – her response shuts trolls up.
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