Are nuts bad for dogs and what nuts you can give to your dog.

You would think that nuts are a harmless and healthy food that can be given to animals in reasonable quantities. However, not everything is so simple. Let’s look at the question are nuts bad for dogs? Some breeders on forums advocate for indulging their pets with nuts. They say that there will nothing be to worry about from a handful of almonds or, for example, hazelnuts. Others warn of the danger. But nuts are different.

What nuts you can give your dog

Pine nut is relatively easily digestible and safe. This does not mean that you can give it to your pet in large quantities. Moderation is important everywhere. Treat pet with a small handful of pine nuts, but not every day.

Then the question about are almonds bad for dogs are also very popular. So almonds are also in the list of permitted products. But its overuse will cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract in the form of diarrhea. Regular eating of almonds will not be approved by the pancreas of an animal, and as a result of this inflammation (pancreatitis) is possible.

Chestnut (that kind that is used by people) again falls under the unfriendly attitude of the pancreas. Therefore, you can only occasionally pamper your pet with chestnut. But single eating of it in large quantities causes diarrhea. Brazil nut is offered in very small quantities. Taking into account the size of this nut, treat your pet only with the one nut a day. Otherwise you will have to meet again with diarrhea.

Cashew is not as fat as its brothers, and this nut can be given in slightly larger quantities. It contains magnesium and calcium. But it is not recommended to give only cashew for top dressing. It is better to buy vitamins or feed the animal super premium class foods, where the amount of vitamins is balanced.

Peanut is not a nut; it is a fruit of legumes. That is why the peanut is the most harmless kind of “nuts” in the list. Dogs respect peanuts and peanut butter (not salted). For the first time treating pet with peanut watch, whether an allergy to this product not occurs. Now you know the answer on the question are peanuts bad for dogs?

What nuts should not be given to dogs?

Walnuts – the leaders of poisoning of dogs. As well as others walnuts cause disorder of the digestive tract. The animal is able to find them on the ground and eat with shell. And it will cause intestinal obstruction. Mold is extremely dangerous. It is when ingested causes neurological disorders such as tremors. Breeders on the forums write that their pets without any harm eat walnuts, which are on the ground. But veterinarians advice to collect the nuts on the ground before the dog find them.

Pistachios – nut, which contains a lot of fat, which causes diarrhea. Stale product may be covered with mold, which is invisible to the human eye. A half-open shell only helps the implementation of the mold inside. Neurotoxins contained in the mold are extremely dangerous for dogs. Most often pistachios are sold salted. Salt is harmful to the body of the dog. In order not to risk – it is better to treat with pistachios only yourself and other people.

Hazelnut – constant use of it causes the formation of bladder stones.

Macadamia – even 5-6 pieces causes intoxication, which manifests itself in the form of seizures, frequent palpitations, weakness, paralysis of the limbs. While scientists have not identified what causes such a reaction. Nutmeg causes the same effect as macadamia. In this case coma and death of the animal is possible.

Why nuts are dangerous for dogs

When you use any of the nuts an allergic reaction is possible. Treating your pet, make sure that the skin of the dog doesn’t begin to peel and other allergy symptoms do not appear.

Quite often, nuts are used for training, as a treat. Nut is thrown and caught in flight by pet. Unforeseen circumstances can happen in such a situation – a dog can choke. Veterinarians have concluded such a tragedy more than once.

The animals may find nuts by themselves and chew it. Or, they cannot chew and swallow it in this form. It can chew not completely. Thus, the shell causes ileus or puncture.

All tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, pine nuts, and pecans) are susceptible to mold. As it has been already described above – the mold is not visible in small quantities. But its effect has a negative impact on the body’s nervous system, liver, heart. Nuts are high in calories. 100g contains from 560 to 850 calories. Using them in the daily diet risk of obesity is high.

Thus, as can be seen from the article, nuts eating in large quantities cause diarrhea. This is due to the fact that nuts contain many fats and the pancreas does not withstand such a load. Nuts are heavy product. They bring not so much good they can do more harm. It is better to get vitamins from other sources. So if you want to pamper your four-legged pet, treat him with a piece of fruit or toast.

Are nuts bad for dogs and what nuts you can give to your dog.
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