5 mistakes to avoid in a new relationship with a woman.

Some guys seemingly have it all, looks, success, and confidence. When it comes to dating women and developing lasting relationships, many of these guys fall short, not lasting very long at all. They usually get dumped at around the same time in a relationship, but why?

Being too eager to please

Some guys will pour on the compliments and agree with everything a woman says or does. Women do appreciate compliments, but too many when they are not warranted will come off as insincere. This behavior can make a guy seem way too nice or, worse yet, that he is desperate and only looking for affair. Women like a guy who has the courage to have his own opinion, and compliments always feel better when they are earned.

Focus on intimacy

Pressuring most women for a close relationship after the first day normally isn’t the best way to begin. In fact, this kind of pressure ensures not only that you won’t be having intimacy anytime soon, but will also kill a possible relationship before it has a chance to even get off the ground. Women will start to wonder if you are even really interested in them on any substantial level. If you really think enough of a woman and hope to see a relationship blossom, you should consider backing off. Don’t expect her to be available for intimacy any time you desire because no lady wants to be seen as someone’s “booty call”.


There will be times when your new girlfriend will be out with friends from work, including male coworkers. Don’t start calling, texting, or obsessing over her Facebook page just because you haven’t heard from her in a while, and it’s getting late. In all likelihood, she’s just having a good time with colleagues and won’t think it sweet that you are stalking her. Give her some room and just listen politely when she tells you stories about the great time she had, and she will be happy for the space and only want to be with you that much more.

Being a cheapskate

Many women are financially independent and successful in their careers. Even though they can afford expensive dinners on their own, this doesn’t mean they don’t like to be treated to a nice dinner on a date. Paying for dinner will show her you are the kind of man that can take care of her and protect her in the long run. Women are naturally drawn to this type of man who proves he can be a provider. So don’t expect to split the bill, or to have her pick up the tab early on without putting her off.

Bringing up exes

Don’t continually bring up exes in a conversation, whether it’s to talk about how great or terrible an ex was. No woman likes the competition of any sort and by making your exes a big part of the conversation you are only showing her that you quite possibly aren’t over the ex and at the very least are carrying way too much baggage. Concentrate on the present and the future if you are interested in the woman you are with!

Guys, if you find yourself alone and any attempt at a relationship has failed, be aware of these pitfalls. Quite possibly, these may be the reason and with a bit of awareness, your situation can be fixed with a little effort.

5 mistakes to avoid in a new relationship with a woman.
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