Things women shouldn’t wear on a first date.

Think about what you’re wearing on the first date. Women know what they like and what is comfy! What they don’t know is what guys like to see. It is important to keep our identity and wear what we like; dressing to impress your date can’t hurt. You only get one chance to make that first impression, so make it a good one.

Keep things covered

You might like dressing in a low cut top or tight dress, but guys like to leave things to the imagination. In the long-term relationship, they like to work a little to unwrap you. It does not make for a great first impression if you look like Julie Roberts in the movie “Pretty woman”. They like it, but you probably won’t get a second chance to see him again, on the flip side don’t wear granny clothes either.

New outfits are fun, but if you’re not sure how comfortable it will be a few hours later, don’t let an ill-fitting attire add to the discomfort of a first date.

Keep it casual

Expensive jewelry and accessories can give the wrong first impression. “You’re a gold digger,” “You’re high maintenance,” If a guy thinks you’re expensive or gets intimidated by your bling you could lose him before you have a chance to connect. It is not fair but true, and guys might get the wrong first impression.

Hide them!

Some guys say no brа, but make sure the girls don’t hang freely. Keep them under wraps! You know what we mean.

Don’t add to the confusion

Hats seem to make guys uncomfortable. Most guys don’t seem to like them on a girl until they are in love with you. So catch him first and leave the hat home for the first date.

Pick the right outfit

Wear venue appropriate outfits. If you are going to a car race, wearing a little black dress it just plain wrong. Wait till they love you to pull them out of the closet. Other girls love them, but who are you trying to impress?

Not too high

We like our high heels, but if you can’t walk in them, he might not like you enough on the first date to catch you. Leave them at home.

Take off your mask!

Makeup is good, but only wears a day’s worth at a time! Too much makeup makes a man wonder what is under there, and not in a good way.

No glitters

Girls like sparkly things, but glitter is too much on the first date. If you can’t afford diamonds, glitter is a good option. Don’t let the glitter blind him from your real beauty. You want to be a good memory. Your date might like a free show, but keep the embarrassing moments for date number two. No award moments on the first date increase the chances for a second date.

On a first date, Guys want to see you, but not all of you. Dressing for a prom when you’re going to a ho down is a big no-no. Be comfy and don’t show your butt or boobies, and definitely show your hair. You can be yourself.

Things women shouldn’t wear on a first date.
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