8 things you should always remember when everything goes wrong.

When everything goes wrong, you should have an inspiring list like this.

1. Pain is a part of growth. Sometimes life closes some doors for you because it is time to get out of your comfort zone. This is a good thing because we often crawl into our shells and stay there until the circumstances force us to leave our peaceful abode.

Every time you hit hard times, remind yourself that if there is no pain there is no gain. Move away from everything that causes you pain, but never forget the lesson you learned. If you struggle it doesn’t mean you fail. Every big success required a long and hard battle. Good things take time.

2. Everything in life is temporary. Every time it rains, you know it will stop one way or another. Every time someone inflicts pain on you, your wound closes up. There is always light after darkness. Morning reminds you about that all the time, although, sometimes it feels like darkness will never end. Be patient and confident. Things will be looking up soon, maybe not soon but they will be one day. Remember that there are two kinds of pain: the pain that hurts you and the pain that changes you. Instead of fighting it try to let it develop you.

Nothing in life is permanent. If everything is well right now, enjoy it, as it won’t last long. If everything is horrible, don’t worry because it won’t last forever too. If life is incredibly complicated at the moment it doesn’t mean you will never laugh again. If something is troubling you it doesn’t mean you will never smile.

3. Worry and complaints won’t change anything. Those who complain more than others achieve less. It is always better to try to do something and fail rather than try to succeed and do nothing. Nothing is over if you have lost. Everything is over if all you do is complain. Every moment gives you a new beginning and a new ending. You are given a second change every minute. All you need is use it.

4. Your scars are the symbols of your strength. Never be embarrassed by the scars life has given you. A scar implies that there is no more pain and the wound is healed. It means the pain lost, you learned a lesson, became stronger and wiser. A scar is a tattoo of a triumph. Don’t let your scars take hostage of you. Don’t let them fear you. Treat your scars as indicators of power. If you believe in something, keep going. No matter what will happen eventually, remember that true happiness comes to those who stop complaining and start being grateful for all the problems they don’t have.

5. Every small battle is a step forward. Patience is not equal to waiting. Patience is an ability to keep your chin up while also working towards your dreams. That is why it is worth sticking to your plan till the end, otherwise there is no point in starting at all. Suffering has brought a lot of strong souls to this world. The most influential people in this big world have scars. Treat your scars as a motto, ‘Yes, I’ve done it! I’ve survived, I have scars to prove it. Now I have a chance to get even stronger’.
It might imply loss of stability and comfort for some time, or even… your mind. You might not eat something you used to, or sleep as much as you once did for many weeks. This is an alteration of your comfort zone. It might also mean sacrificing your relationships and everything you are accustomed to. It might give rise to laughs and gossips, it might imply loneliness.

6. Negative reaction of other people is not your problem. Be confident when negative things surround you. Smile when people want to defeat you. This is a great approach to up your enthusiasm. Be yourself when others speak ill of you. Never let gossips change you. You simply can’t take everything to heart even if it seems like something personal. Loneliness is a gift that makes a lot of things possible. You get some space you’ve always needed. All the rest is a test of your stamina and motivation to achieve your goals. If you truly want it you will achieve it no matter what. Every step you take will bring you to a realization that a battle is not a barrier on your way, it is actually the way itself

7. Let it be. You gain power when you refuse to complain and start to smile and value your life. You should be ready to open up your heart and mind to see the hidden blessings in every battle you face. You can just force things to happen. All you can do is try. Don’t think that people will do something for you, they will do it for themselves. First and foremost, never change yourself to adhere to one’s expectations. Change when it makes you better and leads you to a brighter future. People will gossip no matter what you do or how well you do it. Worry about yourself, not others. If you believe in something don’t be scared to fight for it. Great power comes from overcoming the impossible.

8. Just keep going. Don’t be afraid to get angry, don’t be scared to fall in love again. Don’t let the cracks on your heart become your welts. You should realize that your power increases every day. Realize that bravery is beautiful. Find something in your heart that makes other people smile. Remember that you don’t need a lot of people in your life just because you don’t strive to have many friends. Be strong when it gets hard. At a certain moment, you will need to let go and let things happen. Love your life, trust your gut instinct, take risks, lose and find happiness, take lessons from your experience. It is a long journey. You must stop worrying, wondering and having doubts. Laugh, enjoy every moment of your life. You might not know where you are going but, one way or another, you will arrive at your destination.

Remember that the universe always does what is right. Apologize when you are unfair or take lessons from it. Always look back at what you have achieved and be proud of yourself. Never change for anyone if you don’t want to. Do more, live a simpler life, never stop moving.

8 things you should always remember when everything goes wrong.
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