7 signs you need to stop your relationship


When cheating is involved, don’t be too blind to see it. I’m not talking about people who are in an open relationship. We are pertaining to couples who made an exclusive commitment to be together. Clearly, cheating is a very inappropriate move one can make, but like others we all make mistakes. We are not talking about the “unintentional” cheating sprees your partner accidentally does. It’s not like you’re still young to even realize that cheating, whatever form it may be, is still cheating. Whether it was intentional or not. Sure, you’ll forgive for the first few attempts but when it emotionally damages you, the relationship, and your trust then it’s time to stop the relationship and find someone who will truly value you.

Physical abuse

While emotional abuse is a big factor in leaving the relationship, physical abuse is very critical as well. A relationship will never be the same when physical abuse is imposed upon you by your partner. Never think it’s okay. Whether it’s because of drunkenness or unconscious actions, you better think twice. Yes, you can forgive, but that doesn’t give him another opportunity to abuse you physically. If this is something habitual or during emotional fights then might as well go out of that relationship because it’s going to kill you more than physically and emotionally, even mentally.


Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or anything else. It’s going to be an unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship. With only one of you in the right state of mind, the relationship will not work, it will never work. Don’t try to be his hero and pretend you’re okay with it. Unless he promises to change (and he really does), don’t settle for it. Get out, or you’ll probably end up addicted as well. You wouldn’t want to go through that just to get loved.

No growth together

No growth together or you’re growing apart is just the same thing. Unfortunately, being with each other is not beneficial for the both of you anymore. Either the love is gone or you just found more exciting ways to live your lives apart from being together. If you’re young, and you have a lot in store, this may be one valid reason for leaving the relationship. It’s not selfishness, it’s called self-awareness. You don’t want to push through a relationship that is holding you back from a lot of things you can have, and you can be.

No respect

There are many kinds of disrespect happening in relationships in this present age. The constant verbal abuse, degrading, and discouraging words your partner tells you. If your relationship with your partner entitles you to be mocked or laughed at, with or without the presence of people, then you must reconsider that kind of relationship. No respect also means the constant neglect or unconcern of your partner in regard to the things you say and your feelings toward him. If this is the case, then you need to get out of that relationship.

No communication

We strongly believe in long-distance relationships and how they work because of constant communication. No communication doesn’t just mean no talking at all, it’s how your partner makes an effort to constantly know how are you, what you have been through, or just simply talk about your day. Having no communication is like shutting down all lines of connection with the other person. It is a very crucial part of the relationship. What’s worse is that you see each other every day, but he doesn’t seem to establish a connection with you. If your partner does not recognize the need for this and does not even make an effort to communicate effectively with you even if you have initiated before, then maybe it’s time that you think of letting the relationship go.

Only physical

Don’t let it fool you. If the relationship is only because of physical attraction and sex, then it will soon come to an end. Relationships are not based only on these aspects. You won’t find depth in your relationship if all you see is the facade of the person. Don’t let him objectify you (we are not talking about friends with benefits or open relationships). If your partner wants it only the physical, and if you can’t provide for it, eventually someone else will. That would be more tragic. End it now before he ends it.