Boy was born with Almost No Brain & You’ll Be Surprised by How the Boy Is Living Now, 9 Years Later.

Shelly and Rob Wall were overjoyed to learn that they were going to have another child. However, in the third month of the pregnancy, they received devastating news.

Their doctor informed them that the fetus had a rare chromosomal abnormality called spina bifida, as well as hydrocephalus, which causes fluid to accumulate in the brain.

The situation was dire, as the doctors believed the child would either be stillborn or suffer from severe mental and physical disabilities. Furthermore, there was a high likelihood that the child would have a hole in the spine.

Despite being advised to terminate the pregnancy five times, Shelly could not bring herself to do so. As the due date drew near, the couple reluctantly purchased a baby’s coffin and prepared for the worst.

Finally, the day arrived.

When Baby Noah was born, he had less than 2% of a brain and the rest of his head was filled with fluid. Additionally, his torso below the chest was completely paralyzed.

Noah underwent a 5-hour surgery shortly after birth in which doctors repaired a hole in his back and installed a shunt in his skull to drain the excess fluid.

Although the days that followed were full of worry, fatigue, and sleepless nights, Shelly and Noah never lost faith that their son would survive. Family and friends surrounded Noah with care, affection, and love.

In a surprising turn of events, Noah’s brain began to grow gradually.

By the age of three, scans showed that he had 80% of a normal human brain! His neurosurgeon believes that Noah is an extraordinary child with exceptional parents, and his case is a significant discovery for world medicine.

Noah continues to be monitored by doctors, who are pleased with his progress.

His family supports his brain development through daily exercises, and he has even started attending school.

Though he still uses a wheelchair, his parents have hope that future surgeries will help him walk independently.

Thanks to his parents’ unwavering faith, Noah was given a chance to live and thrive, defying all expectations.

Boy was born with Almost No Brain & You’ll Be Surprised by How the Boy Is Living Now, 9 Years Later.
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