Boy with Autism sings Michael Jackson’s classic, When He Sees the Judges’ Reaction, He Bursts into Tears.

Numerous talent shows showcase a wide range of performances that have the ability to leave the audience speechless.

This was precisely the case with the 10-year-old Colum Courtney’s act. Despite his autism, which poses significant challenges for him in terms of socializing and making friends, Colum managed to connect with the audience through his exceptional performance.

The performance was featured on the popular TV show “Britain’s Got Talent,” and it came as a delightful surprise to both the judges and the audience, who are unlikely to forget his act.

Colum’s mother shared how difficult it is for her son to cope with autism, but she also pointed out that his exceptional musical abilities were a direct result of it.

Anyone who hears Colum sing can immediately tell that he possesses a unique talent. The boy appears to be unfazed by the audience when he sings, whether there are one or one hundred people present. He will continue to sing because he truly enjoys it.

Upon stepping onto the stage, the judges asked the timid-looking Colum if he was worried, to which he quietly replied in the negative. Initially unconvinced, it took only a minute of his singing for them to realize that he had not been deceptive in his response.

Colum went on to deliver a breathtaking and near-flawless performance of the Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You,” leaving the audience in awe.

Many have described his voice as angelic, and the crowd seemed to share this sentiment, enamored with his clear and cheerful vocals, effortlessly hitting every note.

Colum’s family and friends, who came to support him, were in the audience during his performance and were visibly emotional at the start of it.

When he finished singing, the judges and audience alike erupted in thunderous applause, with Simon Cowell even giving two thumbs up in approval.

Judge David Williams commended the young singer for his impressive rendition of a big song and told him he should be proud of his performance. At this point, Colum could no longer hold back his tears and broke down, prompting his younger brother to run on stage and comfort him.

Judge Amanda Holden praised Colum for his emotional performance, stating that she had never seen anyone evoke such strong feelings in the audience.

Special Judge Simon Cowell also shared his positive feedback, complimenting Colum’s unique and soulful voice, and commending his mastery of it.

In the end, this story of a boy with autism who was able to showcase his talent on a national stage is truly inspiring.

Boy with Autism sings Michael Jackson’s classic, When He Sees the Judges’ Reaction, He Bursts into Tears.
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