Cracker Barrel Plans Major Updates for the Coming Year – CEO Admits, “We’re Just Not as Relevant Anymore”.

Cracker Barrel has been a beloved name in American dining for over five decades, known for its home-style meals and nostalgic country store.

However, the winds of change are sweeping through this iconic chain, led by its new CEO, Julie Felss Masino.

In a recent announcement, Masino revealed plans for a series of updates aimed at revitalizing the brand and making it more relevant to today’s diners.

“We’re just not as relevant as we once were,” Cracker Barrel’s new CEO Julie Felss Masino said during a recent conference call about upcoming changes to the 55-year-old chain.

This candid acknowledgment sets the stage for the transformative strategies she plans to implement. The realization comes as part of a broader effort to refresh the brand’s appeal and maintain its competitive edge in the rapidly evolving restaurant industry.

Masino announced that Cracker Barrel has been testing nearly two dozen new menu items across 10 locations, driven by the goal to resonate more strongly with guests.

Some of the standout items include green chili cornbread and a delectable new take on banana pudding. These additions are part of a broader strategy to diversify the menu while staying true to the chain’s roots in Southern cuisine.

Customer feedback plays a pivotal role in shaping the new menu.

The testing phase helped Cracker Barrel determine which dishes resonated best with diners, leading to the selection of several dishes for a wider rollout.

Among the chosen are hashbrown casserole shepherd’s pie, premium savory chicken and rice, and a comforting slow-braised pot roast, all slated for introduction across the majority of the chain’s 660 locations later this year.

Strategic Pricing Adjustments

Acknowledging the diverse economic backgrounds of its customer base, Masino highlighted the chain’s plans to optimize its pricing structure.

“We have stores in metro areas with an average annual household income of $55,000 in the same pricing tier as one with $90,000,” Masino noted, underscoring the need for a more tailored approach to pricing.

The aim is not just to increase prices but, in some cases, to lower them to maintain value for price-sensitive consumers.

Enhancing the Dining Experience

Beyond the menu, Cracker Barrel plans to overhaul the dining experience. The upcoming remodels will feature a refreshed color palette, updated lighting, more comfortable seating, and a simplification of the decor and fixtures.

These changes are designed to create a more welcoming and contemporary atmosphere that aligns with modern consumer preferences.

“Historically, Cracker Barrel has made limited changes to our design aesthetic, and we’ve probably relied a little too much on what was perceived to be the timeless nature of our concept.”

Looking to the future, Masino revealed plans to open several new Cracker Barrel locations in the fall of 2025.

These new outlets will have a smaller footprint, signaling a strategic adjustment to the brand’s traditional restaurant model. This shift reflects a broader trend in the industry towards more compact, efficient spaces.

Despite the extensive changes, Masino was clear that the essence of Cracker Barrel’s identity would remain intact. The brand’s commitment to providing a cozy, nostalgic dining experience is something that will continue to be at the heart of its evolution..


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Cracker Barrel Plans Major Updates for the Coming Year – CEO Admits, “We’re Just Not as Relevant Anymore”.
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