Growing unlimited tomatoes at home – it’s not that hard, as you would think.

If you’re anything like me, you probably end up filling your refrigerator with more food than you can consume. Although not intentional, I tend to dine out more frequently than I had anticipated.

The most disappointing part is discarding perfectly good food that would have been eaten only a few days ago. However, these days, I am striving to improve my eating habits, reduce waste, and save money!

Overripe tomatoes are one of the many foods that often go bad before we can use them. After reading this, you may want to reconsider throwing them away, as you can grow your own at home instead of purchasing new ones from the store.

Using only a pot, soil, and some old tomatoes, “The Wannabe Homesteader” YouTube channel achieved the successful growth of tomatoes within a few weeks.

Here are the steps they followed:

1. Begin by slicing up overripe tomatoes.

2. Place the tomato slices into a pot filled with soil, then cover them with a layer of soil.

3. Water the pot sporadically and wait for 7-14 days. You should start seeing tomato plants sprouting.

4. Select the largest and most mature tomato plants and transplant them into another pot.

Watch this video to see how simple it is:


It seems that I’m not the only one who has never considered growing tomato plants from overripe tomatoes.

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Growing unlimited tomatoes at home – it’s not that hard, as you would think.
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