Woman who wants to be a ‘forest elf,’ gets Barbie nose and cat eyes in new extreme procedure.

It can be assumed that numerous celebrities have undergone plastic surgery, with some opting for botox while others choosing to alter their entire bodies. Mary Magdalene, a native of Toronto, Canada, is one such person who experimented with the surgeon’s knife and achieved notoriety for it. She claims to have spent a significant amount of money on plastic surgery, resulting in alterations to her face and several other body parts.

The model recently shared new images of her most recent procedure, which involved achieving a “Barbie face” and “cat eyes.” While everyone wants to present their best selves, for some, this involves a desire to look a certain way, as perceived by society’s standards. This may involve everything from trying out new skin lotions and beauty routines to dieting or working out in order to feel good.

For others, however, these measures may not suffice. Nevertheless, the history of plastic surgery has taught us that it is not merely about radically changing one’s appearance, as was previously assumed.

Mary Magdalene – plastic surgery & procedures

Plastic surgery is a means for some individuals to feel more comfortable with their appearance. As long as it does not pose any risks to their lives, everyone should have the freedom to do what they please with their bodies.

However, there are those who take it a step further, seeking to completely transform their appearance. One example is Mary Magdalene, a 25-year-old from Toronto, Canada who gained internet fame for her plastic surgery journey. She underwent her first procedure at 21 and has since undergone numerous others, which she documents on her Instagram account. Magdalene describes her “new face” as resembling a “forest fairy elf.”

So what prompted her decision to undergo plastic surgery?

At 17 years old, Mary Magdalene began working as an exotic dancer, and her first plastic surgery was a breast augmentation.

Worked as exotic dancer and ‘therapist’

In an interview with XX, she expressed her love for the “fake bimbo look.” Her fame grew, and she gained over 300,000 Instagram followers, but her account was later suspended. Currently, she has almost 70,000 followers. During the pandemic, Mary transitioned to full-time virtual exotic dancing and charges around $110 for five minutes. She had up to 50 weekly sessions with clients ranging from 20 to 80 years old and of both genders.

Mary stated that her sessions included exotic dancing, chatting, and even acting as a therapist for those seeking someone to talk to. She received various requests, such as eating, twerking, trying on clothes, and catering to foot fetishes. Mary’s desire for plastic surgery did not stop at breast augmentation, and she has covered her body with tattoos and undergone multiple procedures throughout the years.

Mary Magdalene’s breast size has increased to 38J, achieved through the use of 5,000cc expanders. She has undergone multiple cosmetic procedures, including a brow lift, fat transfers, three Brazilian butt lifts, several nose jobs, multiple breast augmentations, liposuction, veneers, and butt injections.

According to The Sun, Mary had to travel to Russia for her most recent surgery as it was too extreme to be performed in the US.

Spent over $100,000 on surgeries

Despite having undergone numerous procedures, Mary has stated that she still has more surgeries planned. She revealed that she has scheduled an eyebrow transplant, jaw surgery, and lip surgery in the near future.

Plastic surgery has been available to the public for decades, and we often hear about it when celebrities undergo various procedures or receive Botox injections. Some famous figures, such as Simon Cowell and Courtney Cox, have been open about their cosmetic treatments.

One thing is clear: plastic surgery is not cheap. The average person may have to save up to afford injections or surgery. Mary Magdalene, for example, has spent over $100,000 on her surgeries. Some doctors have even refused to perform further procedures on her due to the number she has already undergone.

Mary stated, “The doctors think I don’t need any more surgeries but respect the fact that I have my own unique aesthetic and are open to helping me achieve my goals.”

While plastic surgery can alter one’s appearance, it can also be risky. Over the years, there have been numerous examples of surgeries gone wrong.

Mary Magdalene today – new surgeries

Mary claims that she receives numerous dirty looks and even causes car accidents due to her appearance. People often stop her on the street, begging for her number and offering her money, while wives and girlfriends try to distract their partners from staring at her body. However, Mary does not care about the attention she receives, as it is something she has become accustomed to. In fact, she finds it amusing when people secretly slip her their number.

Recently, Mary underwent nose surgery, which left her face swollen and bandaged. Despite the discomfort, she was pleased with the results and described herself as a “forest fairy elf.” Mary acknowledges that she has undergone several surgeries in the past and wonders if it has been worth it.

“I am optimistic”

According to the 25-year-old, her enlarged lips prevent her from whistling and drinking from a straw. She also mentions complications from her vaginal surgery, but remains optimistic about resolving them. Despite the negatives, Mary Magdalene sees positive outcomes in her personal and professional life. She believes that her enlarged body parts make things more enjoyable, and her surgeries have improved her business and brand.

However, Mary finds it challenging to pursue a serious relationship due to her appearance. Her partners often become controlling and insecure about her Instagram and website, and wish she would dress more conservatively in public.


Woman who wants to be a ‘forest elf,’ gets Barbie nose and cat eyes in new extreme procedure.
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