Woman barred from boarding her flight due to ‘revealing’ outfit – and the explanation she provides, makes it even more bizarre.

At times, passengers may find themselves removed from flights for non-compliance with airline regulations. When a young woman faced this situation, it left her profoundly distressed. Later on, she revealed the rationale behind her denied boarding and her emotional turmoil.

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Kine-Chan, a renowned Brazilian model and cosplayer with a significant online presence, is celebrated for her inventive costume designs. This particular instance saw Chan transform into Rebecca, a character from the 2022 anime series, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

Her cosplay ensemble featured a black bikini, a striking blue wig, and black sandals. With unwavering determination, she chose to wear this outfit to the airport and embark on her flight in character. Regrettably, her plans took an unexpected turn.

At Navegantes Airport in Brazil, airline personnel obstructed her from boarding her flight. Their explanation cited “inappropriate” attire as the reason for her denied entry.


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Subsequently, the 21-year-old turned to Instagram to express her frustration regarding the entire ordeal. She penned a lengthy paragraph in Portuguese, detailing the events that unfolded.

“This past weekend, I found myself in a highly vexing situation,” she wrote. “I attempted to board my flight at Navegantes airport dressed as Rebecca from my cosplay for an event. Aware of the possibility of running late, I had chosen to wear this outfit for the sake of efficiency, so I could head straight to my destination. However, I was instructed to return home and change attire because what I had on was deemed ‘inappropriate.'”

As expected, her followers weighed in with their diverse opinions on the matter. While some aligned with the airline staff’s perspective, others demonstrated empathy towards Kine-Chan. One individual commented, “Kine, I adore you, but you could have opted for a quick cover-up outfit, such as a loose dress or even a button-up shirt.”

Undoubtedly, this serves as a practical solution for anyone contemplating wearing a bikini underneath their costume and foreseeing limited time for a change. Many women resort to wearing a dress over swimwear when pressed for time.

Nevertheless, not everyone concurred with this viewpoint. “It’s genuinely disheartening to learn that the airport prevented you, an immensely talented artist, from showcasing such an incredible cosplay as Rebecca’s. The promotion and respect of freedom of expression and creativity should always be upheld,” another user wrote.

The ongoing debate surrounding appropriate behavior aboard an airplane remains a topic of discussion, much like the recent incident involving an airline passenger struggling to cope with a crying baby.

Woman barred from boarding her flight due to ‘revealing’ outfit – and the explanation she provides, makes it even more bizarre.
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