Girl Shelters Older Lady Sobbing on Roadside, Next Day She Spots Her at Boyfriend’s Family Dinner.

Emma and Liam’s relationship had lasted for two years, but since her boyfriends family lived in New Jersey, while the couple lived in the Golden Gate City, the girl hadn’t met the folks yet.

After finally finding time off from work one week, Liam’s family was going to visit Emma and Liam, they were planning on spending the whole week in San Francisco.

It was the day before the family was supposed to arrive, so Liam was busy preparing the house for guests, at the same time Emma went grocery shopping to prepare a welcoming fancy dinner.

As the girl was driving back home from the store, she saw an older lady sobbing on the road side. She couldn’t but stopped to find out the problem.

“Are you alright, ma’am? Do you need any help? Why are you crying here al alone?”, she asked the woman.

“The man came out of nowhere, he just grabbed my purse, everything was in it”, mumbled the old lady wiping her tears. And she continued: “I came to visit my old acquaintance, we had a nice chat in the cafeteria, after I was going to the station to take a bus and go home, now what do i do?”.

“I’m sorry this happened to you, let me give you a lift to the police station”, Emma suggested.

“I think there is no point in it, I didn’t memorize, how the robber looked like, so I will have nothing to say to the police.”, the woman shrugged her shoulders helplessly. “I’d rather just go home”.

“I could call you a cab or take you myself, if you tell me where do you live”.

“Oh, dear, that would be too much, I live 3 hours away, it’s too far away”.

Emma gave a quick look at her watch, it was around 10 pm, which means, the lady would get back home in the dark, which wasn’t really safe.

“Why don’t you come home with me. I don’t mind at all, so don’t worry about it. In the morning I will see you off to the bus station”.

The old lady was so touched by Emma’s kindness, she starting sobbing again. She thanked her profusely and rode the car with her.

In the morning they had a breakfast together and Emma kept her word and drove the lady to the station, after she headed to work and forgot all about it. After all it was a big day for Emma, today was the day she would meet her boyfriend’s parents.

In the evening, when she entered Liam’s house, everyone was already sitting at the table.

“Everyone, this is Emma, my girlfriend”, Liam announced, as he walked Emma to the table.

The girl looked around identifying each family member, she saw Liam’s Dad and Mom in the pictures, so she recognized them at once, also, there was a little brother. But then she saw the lady from the day before.

“Good evening, everyone. It’s so nice to meet all of you finally,” Emma said, smiling. But her face was puzzled, so she was about to ask the old lady a question, when she saw her mysteriously putting a finger to her mouth. Looked like she wanted her to keep a secret…

The dinner was going smoothly, there was a lot laughter and fun stories from Liam’s childhood. As the dinner was wrapping up, Liam got up to give a speech. “I’m so glad, that today I see all the people, that are dear to me in one room. And since we are together, I’ve been itching to do one thing…”

At that, Liam dropped to one knee and proposed to Emma.

The whole family was surprised and happy, clapping and squealing as they whipped their phones out to document the special moment. When the commotion was over, and everyone had settled down again after giving congratulatory hugs and taking pictures, the old woman stood up and asked to make a toast.

“I bet no one knows that, but Liam is a grandma’s boy. I’m grateful, that we could spend a lot of time since childhood, he would entrust me with his secrets. And I’m glad, that he still trusts me. He told me, that he was going to propose a week ago.” she revealed.

“I want all the best for my boy, so I decided to check on Emma before anything happened. So I told everyone, that I was going to spend a day with my friend from college, but instead I headed here.

Everyone looked intrigued at this point, especially since Liam thought that today was the first time Emma had met his family. “Did you see grandma yesterday?” he asked Emma curiously.

Emma smiled silently, and grandma continued with her story. “I got the address from the holiday card, that you sent me, so i headed to that street, hoping I’d meet her somewhere close to the house. I pretended I was robbed by a man and was fake-sobbing on the side of the road. And I got lucky that day. She really drove by and was kind enough to stop and check on me.”

“That’s when I knew that you met the right girl, Liam. She was kind and generous and respectful to me. So she offered to take me home to spend the night and took me to the bus station in the morning. And I accepted her offer. She had no idea, who I was.”

“You are such a beautiful couple. Both smart, kind and wonderful people! Be good to each other! Here’s to Emma and Liam!”

“To Emmy and Liam!” everyone replied, toasting to the newly engaged couple.

Since that night, the happy family had always kept in touch. They were very involved in planning the wedding, and Emma and Liam were appreciative of that, especially since they both had work they needed to attend to.

In six month there was a nice small ceremony with family and friends. Grandma Mila was there to celebrate the special milestone in his grandson’s life and was dancing all night.





Girl Shelters Older Lady Sobbing on Roadside, Next Day She Spots Her at Boyfriend’s Family Dinner.
Belmondo, Delon and Mastroianni were Crazy about her! Now her rare outing at 85 y.o. is being discussed all over the web!