High school wrestler withdraws from state tournament, when he sees who’s he going to compete with.

There’s always a large degree of respect to be earned for sticking by your beliefs or sacrificing something in the name of your faith.

Brendan Johnston, a former high school wrestler from Colorado, knows all about that. Back in 2018, he reportedly forfeited no less than two state tournament matches, when he saw who was he going to compete with!

He’d worked his whole life to make the tournament, but when he spotted the opponent he simply said “congratulations” and then walked away…

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He chose not to compete against girls, effectively concluding his high school wrestling career, citing his religious and personal beliefs as the grounds for declining the matches.

The topic of pitting adult males against adult females in physical competition is receiving more attention than ever before.

By and large, people consider it unfair to have men and women compete directly against each other. The inherent biological and physiological differences between the sexes create an uneven playing field.

In 2018, 18-year-old Brendan Johnson declined to wrestle against Jaslynn Gallegos of Skyview High in the first round of a state tournament and also opted out of a match against Angel Rios from Valley High in his third-round consolation bout. Brendan, then a senior at the Classical Academy in Colorado Springs, explained his decision to KDVR, stating, “The physicality, the close contact, it doesn’t seem appropriate with a young lady. It’s also very aggressive, and I’m not comfortable with that.”

He further elaborated, saying, “My reluctance to wrestle girls stems from my faith, upbringing, and personal experiences. While I believe in the equality of men and women, I also recognize and respect their inherent differences.”

As a consequence of Brendan’s decision, he finished sixth in the tournament, while Angel and Jaslynn secured fourth and fifth place respectively.

Jaslynn expressed disappointment at Brendan’s choice not to compete against her. Speaking to the Washington Post, she remarked,

“Throughout my wrestling journey, I’ve aimed to prove that I’m simply a wrestler. So, the fact that my gender is still a barrier is disheartening, though I understand his decision. It’s okay. My focus remains on being a wrestler, not a female wrestler.”

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High school wrestler withdraws from state tournament, when he sees who’s he going to compete with.
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