If you see the weird pimple-like growths in your throat, here’s what you need to know.

Sometimes there are some changes happening to our body that we don’t understand and it is frightening, especially if we don’t understand the origin of these symptoms. But nowadays, one can get any information through the internet even before visiting a doctor to worry less.

One such unexpected change was for many people the appearance of strange white balls on the tonsils or in the pharynx, which created discomfort and then came out of the mouth along with saliva. Many people find this frightening, especially if they don’t get to grips with where it’s all coming from…..

Do you know what this phenomenon is called? They are stones that appear on the tonsils and in the throat.

According to the doctor’s description, tonsil stones are white or yellow colored lumps. If such a lump is crushed, it has an unpleasant odor. It is believed that the stones do not create much discomfort, although they can cause a slight fever in the throat.

For what reason they can appear. If the structure of the tonsils is loose with small grooves, then minerals, such as calcium, as well as food particles, bacteria and even fungi can accumulate there.

Most often, a person does not have any symptoms, the stones do not affect the general well-being. In rare cases, a person may experience a rotten breath odor, a sore throat and cough, not pronounced pain in the throat and ears.

According to statistics, more than 3 million Americans a year go to the clinic for these reasons. Fortunately, it is very easy to fight this disease. It can be done even at home. You can prepare a salt water solution to rinse your throat, or use cotton swabs and a mirror to dot those white dots.

Often the stones come out on their own when a person coughs.

Below we leave a video that shows in detail how to remove stones from tonsils by yourself. Very visual!

Did you know about such a problem? Have you ever encountered stones in your tonsils? How did you struggle with it? Share in the comments!

If you see the weird pimple-like growths in your throat, here’s what you need to know.
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