Father Abandons Wife & Child for a Younger Woman, Years Later He Meets His Daughter Yet Again.

As Mia returned home from school, she discovered her mother, Lindy, in tears in the living room. Concerned, she hurried to her mother’s side and asked, “Mom, what’s wrong? Where’s Dad?”

Through her sobs, Lindy managed to respond, “Your dad left us. He left us for his secretary!” Her voice filled with anger and pain.

Confusion clouded Mia’s young mind, making it difficult to fully grasp the weight of the situation. Nevertheless, she sat with her mother, offering comfort and support.

“I’m so sorry, Mom,” Mia whispered, gently stroking her mother’s back. “I’m here for you. I’ll never leave you,” she vowed. “I’ll work hard to prove to Dad that we can thrive without him. We have each other, and that’s all we need. I promise, Mom.”

Over the years, Lindy found strength and resilience, fueled by her unwavering love for Mia. It was Mia who inspired her to push forward, working diligently and conquering every obstacle that crossed their path.

Upon Mia’s high school graduation, her teachers praised her exceptional mathematical abilities. Lindy swelled with pride, even though she reluctantly acknowledged that her daughter inherited her father’s brilliance in business—a fact she couldn’t ignore.

Lindy juggled two jobs to ensure Mia could pursue her education. While Mia had earned an academic scholarship, it fell short of covering the full tuition for a prestigious Ivy League school.

“Mom, I can just attend a state university,” Mia suggested one day, observing her mother’s exhaustion after work. “I genuinely don’t mind. Please don’t stress over it,” she insisted.

Lindy shook her head adamantly. “Absolutely not,” she firmly told her daughter. “You are destined for greatness, and you deserve the finest education at a top-tier university. Don’t worry about me,” she said with a smile. “I’ve got this.”

Indeed, Mia’s exceptional abilities shone through as she thrived in her chosen college, consistently representing her class in various mathematics competitions. One fateful day, she received the honor of being selected as one of the representatives for the prestigious College-level Mathematics Olympiad.

“Bye, Mom. I’ll bring back the gold!” Mia exclaimed, embracing her mother before heading off to the competition. “I’ll see you when I return.”

“Goodbye, sweetheart,” Lindy greeted her daughter. “We’ll have a wonderful dinner to celebrate your achievement once you’re back. I’m incredibly proud of you!” Lindy cheered, accompanying Mia to the bus.

After four days away, Mia returned home triumphantly, clutching not just the gold medal but also an impressive cash prize of $20,000, bestowed upon her by one of the foundations sponsoring the math competition. Eager to share her success with her mother, she dashed into the house. “Mom! I’m home!” she called out.

“Mom?” she called again, entering the living room. “Where are you?”

Having just spoken to her mother on the phone, Mia knew she should be home. Her heart raced as she hurried up the stairs, only to be startled by the sight of Lindy lying unconscious on the bedroom floor.

“Mom!” Mia yelled, rushing to her side. “Mom, wake up!” Her hands trembled with fear as she fumbled to retrieve her phone from her pocket, swiftly dialing 911.

“Please, I need help,” she pleaded with the operator. “I found my mom unconscious on the floor. I’m not sure how long she’s been like this, but she still has a pulse. Please send help immediately!”

The ambulance arrived within minutes, swiftly transporting Lindy to the hospital. Mia accompanied her there, anxiously awaiting the results of the tests that would shed light on her mother’s condition.

Lindy regained consciousness once connected to an IV line. However, a grave issue was discovered—a blocked artery. “Your mother needs immediate surgery. We can’t afford any delays as it could be life-threatening,” the doctor explained to a tearful Mia.

“I know my mom has insurance. Can we use it to cover the expenses?” she pleaded.

“We will proceed with the surgery, but this particular procedure is not covered by insurance. You’ll need to find a way to settle the bill before your mother can be cleared for discharge. I’m sorry, dear,” the doctor apologized before accompanying Lindy into the operating room.

Mia cast one final glance at her mother, who fought for her life on the hospital bed. “I’ll find a way to get you out of here, Mom. I promise,” she whispered to herself before leaving the hospital. She decided to approach her father…

Mia hailed a cab and arrived at her father’s office, where she was met by none other than his secretary. “Mia!” the secretary greeted with a smug tone. “What a surprise to see you here. To what do we owe this pleasure?”

“I need to see my dad,” she replied coldly.

“Let’s see if he can spare some time,” the secretary replied, leading Mia toward her father’s office. After a knock, her father, Jamie, instructed his secretary and girlfriend to give him a few minutes alone with Mia.

“Why are you reaching out now, after six years, Mia? I’ve been trying to reach you,” Jamie said.

“You abandoned us. For her!” Mia retorted. “Why would I want to spend time with you after you tore our family apart? Do you have any idea how much that hurt us, Dad?” Her voice quivered as she fought back tears.

“Well then, why are you here now?” Jamie questioned. “Let me guess. You need money?” he arrogantly inquired.

“Mom is fighting for her life in the hospital. Please, I’ll pay you back as soon as I find work. Just please save Mom,” Mia pleaded desperately.

“I can do that,” Jamie began to say. “But my condition is that you come and live with me. Don’t you want to be with your dad?” he asked, his tone lacking sincerity.

“What for?” Mia replied. “You and I were never close. Why pretend to be a father now?”

“Fine, then my answer is no. Find the money elsewhere and leave,” Jamie replied sternly.

Mia shook her head, realizing the true nature of her father. “Gladly!” she declared before storming out of the office, never realizing just how much of a monster her father had become.

During the cab ride back to the hospital, Mia made a startling realization: her gold medal from the Olympiad was actually made of genuine gold. Determined to secure the necessary funds, she made the difficult decision to sell it at a pawnshop. Combined with the $20,000 cash prize, Mia had just enough to cover the mounting hospital expenses.

After a couple of months, Lindy made a full recovery and resumed her work. Meanwhile, Mia took on a part-time job at a local coffee shop to support herself while attending college.

Mia’s exceptional mathematical skills continued to shine, propelling her to secure a position at a prominent firm. She quickly became their prized asset, ascending through the ranks until she eventually attained the esteemed role of managing partner. Her success allowed her to amass significant wealth, and she soon reached a point where she could comfortably request her mother to stop working.

One fateful day, Mia stumbled upon an email announcing the sale of several businesses. Among them was her father’s company, which teetered on the brink of bankruptcy.

Driven by a mixture of emotions, Mia made a bold decision to acquire her father’s business. Initially, Jamie held hope that his daughter intended to rescue him from his dire situation. However, over time, he came to realize that Mia’s motive was rooted in retaliation. She not only assumed the role of CEO and managing director but also relegated him to a passive minority partnership—a deliberate act of retribution.

Father Abandons Wife & Child for a Younger Woman, Years Later He Meets His Daughter Yet Again.
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