Tattooed Dad was looking for job in vain, After job-hunting for month, he begs for job on Facebook.

This story shows us how much social media influences our lives. The story took place in New Zealand, where a young man named Mark Kropp was released from prison after serving a sentence for a drug deal after more than two years in prison.

While Mark was serving his sentence one incident happened to him that would later affect the rest of his life.

One day Mark and his cellmate were able to brew alcohol from spoiled apples, dried bread and sugar. After consuming this drink, the men became very tipsy and got the idea to get tattoos.

The ink for the tattoos was also prepared from improvised means in unsanitary conditions – toothpaste and melted plastic cutlery were used. Mark chose his nickname as a tattoo, and his face seemed an acceptable place for the tattoo.

At the time, the man did not yet realize the consequences of his act – and as a result he got a huge inscription “Devast8”, which covered most of his face.

And only after he was out of prison Mark faced the reality …

Despite the man’s desire to start a new life, to earn money by honest labor for his girlfriend and child, he could not get a job. Many employers, in addition to objective reasons, were repulsed by the ugly tattoo. Thus, this inscription on his face became for Mark a symbol of regret about what he had done.

Later giving an interview Mark admitted: “I really regret that I didn’t stop then, then my face was swollen like a pumpkin, and now it scares away any employer”.

After a couple of months, Mark was absolutely desperate to find a job. The young man had already decided that at the first opportunity he would remove the tattoo with a laser, but this required money, which he did not have. Then he decided to try a last resort.

Mark registered on Facebook and posted a post with his photos and his story, he begged everyone to help him find a job and thus give him another chance for an honest and decent life. And it worked…

The publication was noticed by the employees of one of the tattoo parlors in Oakland.

They took pity on the guy and offered him to undergo tattoo removal sessions for free. This kind act showed everyone that there is still compassion in the world, and social media allows you to tell your story and ask for help.

After Mark got his face cleaned up, he was able to get a job with a construction company and start earning like all honest people.

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Tattooed Dad was looking for job in vain, After job-hunting for month, he begs for job on Facebook.
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