Mistakes women make when traveling solo.

Traveling solo is a unique and great experience, especially if it’s your first time trying it. Many female solo travelers have increased for the past years and while it’s a fun and exhilarating thing to do, one must be cautious.

Arriving after dark

While this is much cheaper compared to normal arrival times, arriving after dark in a different location is dangerous, especially to women. Firstly, you must be extremely aware of your surroundings and belongings. You do not know what culture the place has in store for you. Arriving after dark might just make you go from one hotel or hostel to another because usually the place might be booked. You wouldn’t want that kind of hassle. If, in any case, you have a hostel to go to, be alert when going for any public transportation. Don’t just hope that they will know where your hotel or hostel is. There are a few or no one to ask for directions at night, so arriving after dark is not worth the risk.

Not dressing appropriately

When traveling to countries where there is diverseness of cultures, usually Asian countries or the middles east, try to research first on what to wear and what not to wear. If the people in the area find it taboo to wear shorts or seeing women’s shoulders exposed. Don’t be ignorant when traveling. It also is better to blend in with the people, so you won’t get too much attention.

Telling people where you’re staying

When traveling, you will be meeting a lot of people. It’s a good opportunity to talk about new things and with them. Try not to talk too much about where you’re staying and if you’re traveling alone. When trying to get back to the hotel, what you can do is to remember a landmark close to your hotel or hostel and that’s where you will ask people for directions going back. Just be very vigilant when it comes to these details being said to strangers, even when you’re asking for directions.

Opening your hotel door

It might be hotel maintenance or room service, but did you ask for it? It’s always better to be sure when opening your hotel door to someone. Do not open your hotel door when you are alone in the room. If they say it’s an emergency, then better double-check with the front desk. This however varies according to the place you’re in, but extra safety is necessary.

Running out of cash

This might surprise some because who plans on running out of cash during a trip? No one. But we do not know how money is being used in other places. Always be sure to have extra cash and only spend for what your budget can afford. It’s hard to run out of cash in a different country, especially when you’re alone. One female traveler confesses to always place a $100 bill under the soles of her shoes, she only used it once, and it was very helpful.

Trusting people too much

Lastly, do not trust anyone too much. Yes, there will always be good people everywhere but to counter that, there are also a lot of people that would take advantage of women, even fellow women. The idea of this is not to be easily swayed or gullible with whatever people tell you. Maybe it’s not a new thing for you, but learn to discern what’s good and what’s bad. Researching about the place and reading reviews about it would help you feel at ease and discern effectively.

In the end, enjoy traveling. It’s always a great experience to travel solo and learn about the culture and people of a new place. Traveling is filling your experience bank, which in return will make you a better person and make you appreciate the wonders of this world.