Self-Improvement: Trend or Necessity?

What is self-improvement?
Fewer people consider self-improvement to be a waste of time.  Nowadays more and more people develop an interest in how to change their lives for the better. Let’s start with the definition.

Self-improvement is an intentional process of working on yourself in different areas in order to achieve happiness, harmony, and prosperity.

In other words, self-improvement is not just a hobby; it is an action that every educated and sensible person does, as they understand that life deprived of improvements makes you a puppet in the hands of a puppeteer.

A person should develop themselves in four levels: physical, social, mental, and spiritual. This is the only way to find harmony and balance. According to Eastern psychology, health, success, and happiness are available only to a person living in harmony.

Why is it important to improve yourself?
A lot of people wonder, “Why do we even need it?” Some people prefer working to improving themselves, just to earn more money. Others opt for getting more pleasure out of life rather than aiming to become better and balanced.
So who wins? A person who develops themselves or the one who aims to satisfy their needs (get drunk, smoke, eat unhealthy food, etc.) at the expense of the aspects of their life?

A person, who is at least a little bit reasonable and adequate notices that the more you give in to your desires, the faster you come down to the lower world. Degradation is inevitable if a person is a slave of their mind and passions.
The things a person spends their time on is basically their future. It is also worth bearing in mind that the future isn’t restricted to the current life only. We are souls in nature, which means we don’t die after the death of our bodies.
If you waste your life on dubious pleasures (alcohol, etc.) your future will be just like that. If a person strives to become better, find their true self, improve certain personality traits, and so on, their fate will become better significantly.
It is important to improve yourself to understand who you really are, to find harmony in the world we live in, as well as to be happy and know how to achieve happiness. Our nature (souls) is already happiness, and it is the desire to be happy that makes us take action.

When a person starts to improve themselves, their outlook on life and values change dramatically and become higher.

When do we need to improve ourselves?
As ancient writings put it, the best time in the life of a person is a period of struggle and problems. This is the time when we realize what self-improvement really means.

As a rule, one starts to relax and enjoy themselves when all is well in their life. Personality degradation is inevitable when one lives in such a state for a long time. That is why it is important to understand the fine line between enjoyment and constant self-control.

When things get tough, we ask ourselves a lot of questions. For instance, why did it happen like that? Why did I experience that? Who is to blame? And so on. Later on, we seek answers to the questions.

“It has happened to me. Everything I ever valued is gone now. I was struggling at that time, but now the constant process of self-improvement has begun.

What’s interesting is the fact that the more we work on ourselves, the more answers we get, the clearer everything becomes in our lives. Well, it is common indeed: we never push ourselves for more until we have to.

Self-improvement should begin as early as possible. Once you catch the idea, you must tie a rope and hang on it.

The main goals of self-improvement
Just like any other occupation in life, self-improvement has lots of goals. However, we can highlight the main ones.

The main goal of self-improvement is to become happy and live in harmony, to understand the point of one’s living, and then reach it.

Just by reading this, we can already get plenty of ideas. They are on the four levels of life: physical, social, mental, and spiritual.

To cut a long story short, self-improvement should include such things as spiritual improvement, studying the laws of the universe, fulfill the duties given to us by the community and our family, rooting out bad habits, and many others.
Remember that it is essential to live a balanced life and develop yourself in all areas of life.

How to start the journey of self-improvement?
After studying the most important areas of self-improvement, you might get confused a little bit. That is why you will find some practical recommendations here. They will help you begin your self-improvement journey.
Everything usually starts with the following things:

– Daily regime;
– Nutrition;
– Coping with bad habits.

These are the areas which we can already change today. You should wake up at the time you need to, eat healthy food, get rid of bad habits.
It is also important to:

– Find your passion and start developing yourself in the chosen area;
– Be mindful of your spiritual health.

As for spiritual health, we should take at least small steps in this direction.
There are a number of modern psychologists and philosophers who provide people with incredibly valuable knowledge. Just simple listening to the lectures on moral development can affect us and our minds greatly. Some people change their lives drastically after listening to them for quite a while. They stop drinking, smoking, and give up other deteriorating habits. As a result, they become successful and happy.

Read wise books, listen to lectures or watch them, attend seminars, and you will change so much after a year that you won’t be recognizable.

A detailed plan of self-improvement
Start improving yourself with this plan. It is designed for one year. The plan will be a great kick-start on your road to self-improvement.

These are the goals you will be completing with little effort by the end of the year:
– Waking up at 6 am;
– Morning shower
– Physical activity (warm-up, jogging, swimming, walking, fitness);
– Dumping bad habits;
– Body detox (stomach, liver, kidneys);
– Build the right relationships with people;
– Goal setting and achievement;
– Self-control (as much as it’s possible);
– Being selfless;
– Realizing your life goal.

Stop waiting for that hard time that will force you to seek answers. Start improving yourself right now and take at least a small step toward it.