On a Flight, Woman Recognizes Pilot’s Voice She Hadn’t Heard for 19 Years.

Linda Harrington’s life has turned out well. Her position as a federal judge gave her great influence in judicial circles. She was able to make significant strides in her career.

Her responsive nature and infallible instincts helped her make the right judicial decisions. Linda had everything she needed for a happy life. Her career was successful and her family was also prosperous.

Linda was born and raised in a wealthy family. The man she tied her fate with was also from a wealthy family and loved Linda very much. Considering that, her life was filled with happiness, it becomes clear why she had so much love and kindness in her. In addition, Linda had a special tenderness and warmth toward her children.

One day Linda and her husband Larry flew on vacation to their favorite resort. More than six months had passed since the last time they had vacationed together.

Sitting on the plane, Linda shared her worries with her husband, “I’m so worried about the guys being left alone to do all the work without me.”

“You’ve been working without rest for a very long time, and so have I. I think we both need a break to rest and spend time with each other,” Larry replied. It was his initiative to go on vacation. Larry was worried that Linda had to work a lot and they were seeing less and less of each other.

As they were talking about rest and work, the pilot’s voice rang out, addressing the passengers.

“Hello, this is pilot Jackson Reeves greeting you. Our plane will be landing in a few minutes in the Maldives, so please fasten your seat belts and remain in your seats.”

As soon as the pilot finished his speech, there was some movement in the cabin, some talking, and only Linda froze. “What a familiar voice!” she thought. Linda tried to remember where she might have heard it before.

“Jackson Reeves… What a familiar name,” Linda pondered, going over possible people in her mind.

“Are you all right?” inquired Larry. It was at that moment that Linda remembered how she knew the pilot’s name.

“I remembered where I heard the pilot’s voice,” she replied to her husband. At this time, the plane had already descended to the ground and pulled out onto the runway.

As the passengers began to move toward the exit, Linda stepped back a little. She wanted to look at the pilot and see if he was the man she thought he was. Larry was forced to wait patiently with his wife while all the passengers headed to the airport.

“What you don’t do for the one you love,” he thought to himself.

When the pilot came out of his cockpit, he saw Linda and froze in place. His eyes were filled with surprise and shock. And after a few seconds he rushed to her with tears in his eyes and hugged her tightly.

It later turned out that 19 years ago he, an 18-year-old boy, had been hanging out with a group of older kids who had been stealing and hooliganizing. One day the police came unexpectedly, and all the gang members scattered in different directions.

Jackson was never personally involved in the thefts, but always stood guard to warn the boys in case the police showed up. That day, despite the panic, everyone managed to escape except him. Because of his slowness and inexperience, he was immediately caught by the police. The policemen insisted that he identify all the gang members and thus prove that he was sorry for his actions. The gangsters did not feel sorry for Jackson and lied as if he had played a major role in that operation. As a result, he was charged with the crime and sent to trial. To Judge Linda Harrison.

The woman conducted the case smoothly and impartially. Since Jackson had not been convicted of the theft, but was a witness to the wrongdoing of the bandits, the judge was able to impose her own sentence. On that day, the judge’s decision depended on whether Jackson would go to juvie or go to jail. But Linda was kind to him; she believed that Jackson would understand and choose the right path. She took pity on the young man and found him not guilty. After the hearing, Jackson thanked Judge Linda and gave her a promise that he would be a diligent student, get an education, and become a decent man.

On the day they met again at the airport, Linda looked at Jackson and realized that he remembered her, too, and the circumstances of their acquaintance.

“You kept your word,” Linda said when she was able to free herself from Jackson’s strong embrace. The man smiled back. Linda patted him gently on the cheek and walked away with Larry.

“I see now. Another case,” Larry said with reverence in his voice.

Jackson was not the first person they had encountered to show respect and deference to his spouse. In situations like this, Larry was bursting with pride that he could stand beside his wife.

“I’m happy that I made the right decision that day,” Linda replied to her husband.



On a Flight, Woman Recognizes Pilot’s Voice She Hadn’t Heard for 19 Years.
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