Teacher takes down the National flag in classroom, makes kids pledge allegiance to pride flag.

In an event that sparked nationwide debate, a teacher at a California school faced severe backlash for her actions concerning the U.S. flag and her promotion of personal social agendas.

Kristin Pitzen, a teacher in the Newport Mesa School District, became the center of controversy after posting a TikTok video in which she jovially recounted removing the American flag from her classroom because it made her feel uncomfortable.

Instead, she encouraged her students to pledge allegiance to the pride flag, a move that ignited significant uproar.

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Community and Parental Response

The community response was swift and decisive. Many parents expressed their outrage, perceiving Pitzen’s actions as a disrespect to the national flag and to the values it represents.

The incident led to a larger discussion on the appropriateness of educators pushing personal beliefs in educational settings.


She then said that when the Pledge of Allegiance – a sign of loyalty to the country – is read in the mornings, she instructs her class to: “Stand if you feel like it, don’t stand if you feel like it, say the words if you want, you don’t have to say the words.”

“So, my class decided to stand but not say the words. Totally fine. Except for the fact that my room does not have a flag,” she said with unrestrained laughter.

After, she describes a situation when one of her students asked what he should look at while reciting the patriotic oath since there is no American flag in the classroom.

Attempting to hold back laughter, she exclaimed: “In the meantime, I tell this kid, ‘We do have a flag in the class that you can pledge your allegiance to.’ And he like, looks around and goes, ‘Oh, that one?’”

The camera then shifts to the wall where the pride flag is hanging.


The situation raised critical questions about freedom of expression within the classroom and the respect owed to national symbols. It also sparked a debate on how educators should navigate the inclusion of personal and societal values in their teaching.

School and District Response

The school district was quick to address the controversy, stating that while they support diversity and inclusion, the methods employed by Pitzen were not in line with district policies. The teacher was removed from the classroom, and further actions were under consideration pending an investigation.

Legal and Educational Perspectives

From a legal standpoint, the incident touched on issues related to employee conduct and free speech. Educationally, it highlighted the need for clear guidelines on how teachers should integrate personal beliefs without overshadowing mandated curricula.

Meanwhile, the online population was also enraged over Pitzen’s actions.

One netizen reminded Pitzen the flag is a living piece of history that symbolizes the freedom she enjoys today: “I don’t think you really you get it, teach them it’s for the people who gave you the freedom and happiness you have now.”

A second shared: “You stand for the people who fought to keep freedom and you don’t understand how good we have it, and to insult the flag which stands for our country?”

“Maybe she’d like to live in Afghanistan,” added a third.

The media played a significant role in shaping public perception of the incident. Coverage varied, with some defending the teacher’s right to express her views, and others condemning her for misusing her platform.

Comparative Analysis

This was not an isolated incident. The article compares it to similar controversies across the nation, drawing parallels and noting differences in community and administrative responses.

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Teacher takes down the National flag in classroom, makes kids pledge allegiance to pride flag.
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