Teenage Girl Puts up Newborn Son for Adoption, Baby Goes Missing from Hospital the Next Day.

When 18-year-old Emily Henson learned she was pregnant with her boyfriend Shaun’s child, Shaun was eager to take on the responsibility, but Emily’s mother, Mrs. Henson, who held a lot of power in the family, had other plans.

She declared that it was ridiculous for a teenage girl to raise a child and insisted they give the baby up for adoption.

“How can I, mother?!” Emily was trying to protest. You want me to abandon my own child?

“You should have thought about it earlier!” Mrs. Henson shot her a devastating look.”Yo can’t support yourself, let alone the baby! But everything is going to be alright. After you have that baby, we will just leave it in the hospital!” she said firmly.

Emily and her father opposed this, but Mrs. Henson’s will ultimately prevailed. She made Emily hide her pregnancy and cut off all contact with Shaun. Emily felt crushed and weak, so eventually she gave in.

When Emily gave birth to her son in five months, she was filled with guilt over giving him up for adoption. She held him for the first and last time and apologized to him crying before leaving the hospital.

But the next morning, the staff at the hospital discovered that the baby was missing. They contacted Mrs. Henson, Emily’s mother, to inform her of the situation.

“I’m sorry to call at this early hour, Mrs. Henson,” Emily’s doctor stated, “But we have to inform you that you grandchild went missing from the hospital this night. We are checking the cameras’ footage right now, could you, please, come to the hospital?”

Mrs. Henson was VERY upset. “How can the newborn just go missing like that? Josh, wake up, the hospital called, we have to….” As she hung up the phone, she realized her husband’s side of the bed was empty.

She checked the house, but it was completely empty – no sign of her husband or Emily. That’s when Mrs. Henson started to get suspicious.

“I really hope, that is not, what I’m thinking!” She got dressed in an instant and rushed to the hospital, where the truth was already discovered. Turned out, Mr. Henson took the baby and left the hospital in an unknown direction.

At this point, Mrs. Henson’s blood was boiling. “How could he do this without my permission?”

The hospital was obliged to call the police and file a report, so father, daughter and a baby were already being looked for. To Mrs. Henson’s pleasure they all were discovered by the evening at Shaun’s place.

Mrs. Henson was in the doorway right next to cops filled with anger. But no one was scared this time.

“We are not giving up the child, Laura,” Mr. Henson said. “Don’t even try to mess with our daughter’s head again. Officers, my wife is pressuring my daughter to give up the baby, but my daughter and I don’t want that!” Emily nodded and stated that she did not want to abandon the child.

The cops gave Mrs. Henson a warning that she had no right to force Emily like that because she was 18 and could make decisions for herself. That made Mrs. Henson so furious, she went purple. “Did you forget, what we talked about, Josh! I’m not bringing the child into MY house! Do you remember, that I’m the only owner?!”

“Oh, yes, Laura, I remember!” Mr. Henson said quietly. “And you can have your house for yourself, I want a divorce! I’m sick of your temper and the way you treat everyone. Emily had to suffer through pregnancy and give up her child for you. She had to break up with her boyfriend, just to make you happy…That’s enough!”

Mrs. Hanson was too proud to even look surprised with the news, she didn’t say a thing and stormed out of the building. Later she signed the divorce papers, that Mr. Henson sent her with a lawyer.

Emily got back together with Shaun and was happy as before. Mr. Henson was staying with them and was helping with the baby, while the divorce proceedings were going on.

The lawyer was able to get Mr. Henson half of the property in a divorce settlement, but since Mr. Henson had no desire to live with his ex under one roof, he gave his have for rent. The money was enough to pay the mortgage he took for a new house for the kids. He moved in with Shaun and Emily in their new home with his grandson, Albert.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Henson got nervous breakdown because of Mr. Henson’s tenant, Chris, who was pursuing a career in music. Karma seemed to have caught up with her.

Teenage Girl Puts up Newborn Son for Adoption, Baby Goes Missing from Hospital the Next Day.
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