The 74-year-old fashionista showed how a woman her age should look.

If a woman is confident enough with herself, she is not interested in public opinion. Self-love and self-confidence become the main inner support in one’s strength.

Such an example is demonstrated by 74-year-old Colleen Heidemann, who goes against public stereotypes and does not pay attention to numerous criticisms and censures.

At her age, she continues to choose extravagant things for her closet and apply bright makeup on her face.

Many people like the lifestyle of this interesting woman, so Colleen has a large army of followers in social networks.

Colleen used to work as a flight attendant, and even then she strived to look flawless. From the former profession remained the habit of neatness and elegance.

And at the age of 70, Heidemann changed her life dramatically, becoming one of the most popular models at her age. She doesn’t only run her online blog, but also collaborates with many famous photographers, brands and fashion houses.

Colleen believes that the most important thing is to enjoy life, love what you do and enjoy how you feel. She tries to inspire women around the world with her lifestyle.

The model is constantly working on herself. She pays special attention to nutrition, preferring vegetables and fruits, and meat is consumed only a few times a year.

Out of sports activities, Heidemann prefers yoga and swimming pool. The woman shows her classes to her fans.

Many people criticize a woman’s appearance, but she has one answer to that:

“I am happy, and what you think and say about me is your problem. I wish you to be as free as I am.”

The 74-year-old fashionista showed how a woman her age should look.
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