The hair stylist cut her hair almost to “Zero” and turned her into a vibrant beauty.

Not every woman has the courage to dare to make drastic changes in her appearance. Although, after a visit to the beauty salon, many people notice striking changes in their personal life and general condition. Experts recommend visiting a beauty salon at least once every six months, but not everyone listens to their opinion.

In our article we decided to tell you about Holly. The girl is only thirty years old, but she has already managed to radically neglect herself.

Holly works in a security agency, so she does not really watch her appearance.

Once Holly’s father said that the main thing for a woman is long hair. The girl listened to her dad’s opinion and did not cut her hair at all. However, her curls stopped looking beautiful and seemed unattended.

On the eve of her wedding, Holly decided to make drastic changes. She entrusted her hair to stylist Jeremy Harfield and wasn’t disappointed. Look at his work!




The professional immediately told Holly that there was no point in trying to save her long hair anymore.

The girl was horrified, but agreed.

Jeremy worked on Holly’s appearance for seven hours. He decided to make her a long bob haircut, and a root stretch coloring, after all that he made the perfect makeup.

The change has been good for Holly! She looks like a true beauty!

Here’s a simple example that you shouldn’t be afraid of change!

Change with the guidance of professionals and really enjoy it, just like Holly did.

The hair stylist cut her hair almost to “Zero” and turned her into a vibrant beauty.
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