Orphan Girl Marries Homeless Man, Guests Mock Her at Wedding until He Takes Mic & Speaks to Her.

Jasmine’s compassionate nature had always shone through in her actions. One day, while offering a blanket to a homeless man residing on the street close to her home, little did she know that this act of kindness would change her life forever. She would soon discover that good deeds do not go unrewarded.


While returning from the grocery store, Jasmine noticed a man sleeping on the street from the corner of her eye. Despite initially dismissing the sight, it continued to nag at her like a melody.

The next day, when she left for work, she saw the man again and assumed he must be lost, as she had never seen any homeless people in her respectable neighborhood.

Despite having a good day at work, she was shocked to find the man still there when she returned home that evening.

Concerned about his wellbeing, she realized how cold he must have been, given the chilly weather and his tattered clothes. She quickly went into her house and returned with a blanket.

Jasmine introduced herself to the homeless man and handed him the blanket. “Hi, I’m Jasmine. I’ve seen you here for a few days now. Are you homeless?” she asked with concern.

Dean, the man on the street, replied, “Yes, I just lost my business and house, and I have no choice but to live on the street.”

Feeling compassion for Dean, Jasmine asked him why he didn’t move in with relatives. He explained that he didn’t have any, leaving the streets as his only option. Jasmine listened intently as Dean told her about his business’s embezzlement and how it left him bankrupt, forced to lay off over 500 employees and lose his house and car.

Feeling deeply for Dean, Jasmine knew she had to help him. “I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s talk more soon. I’ll check on you tomorrow.” With that, Jasmine left, but her mind was made up to help Dean as much as she could, despite not having much herself.

That evening, she cooked plenty of food for dinner and brought it to Dean, sharing her meal with him. She continued to do the same every day for the rest of the week, spending hours talking to Dean and forming a close bond with him.


Jasmine and Dean’s love blossomed quickly, and Jasmine was not bothered by Dean’s current situation of being homeless. She admired his intelligence and believed that it was only a matter of time before he got back on his feet.

Jasmine had experienced hardships herself, having lost her parents at a young age, and had to fend for herself. She was not living in luxury, but she had managed to build a good life for herself, and she was confident that Dean could do the same with her support.

Several months later, Jasmine and Dean were planning their wedding.

However, when Jasmine shared the news with her friends and extended family, they were not as thrilled as she had hoped. Her uncle’s voice boomed over the phone, “You are going to marry a homeless man?”

Jasmine responded calmly, “Yes, we are in love, and we will work things out. No situation is permanent.”

Her uncle was not convinced, “Well, whatever you choose to do with your life is up to you, Jasmine. Just know we will not be coming to the wedding!” before slamming down the phone.

Despite her family’s disapproval, Jasmine was excited about starting a new life with Dean.

On the day of the wedding, Jasmine arrived at the venue looking stunning in her princess wedding gown, ready to marry the man she loved. However, not many of their friends and family showed up, and those who did made it clear that they disapproved of her decision. But Jasmine did not let their judgment dampen her spirits. She knew that she loved Dean and was determined to start a new life with him.

Jasmine’s friends whispered among themselves, questioning her decision to marry a homeless man. “Why would she do this?” one friend wondered aloud. Another laughed and said, “I wouldn’t touch a homeless man with a ten-foot pole!” A third friend chimed in, “She’s worked so hard to get where she is, why would she throw it all away for a homeless man?”

Despite the gossip and judgment, Jasmine remained confident in her decision to marry Dean. She had seen past his current living situation and recognized the potential in him.

As the wedding ceremony began, everyone was surprised to see the groom arrive in a luxurious limousine and wearing an expensive tuxedo. Jasmine herself was shocked to see him looking so polished and refined. She couldn’t help but wonder how he was able to afford such luxuries.

As Dean approached the altar, Jasmine caught a whiff of his cologne and was momentarily overwhelmed by his intoxicating scent. She tried to ask him how he managed to acquire such wealth, but he motioned for her to wait until after the ceremony.

As the groom and bride stood reading their vows to each other, Jasmine couldn’t help but feel like she was dreaming, and when she asked for an explanation, her new husband simply told her to be patient.

After promising to support each other through thick and thin, Dean took the microphone and turned to Jasmine. “I know this is all a bit confusing for you, but you’ll understand everything in just a few minutes,” he said.

Then, addressing the crowd, he continued, “Jasmine is the kindest, most caring, and selfless person I have ever met. I am humbled that she loved me even when I had nothing and was sleeping on the street.”

“But there’s something else I want to address,” he said, causing the guests to shift uncomfortably.

“The truth is, I was never really homeless. I fell in love with Jasmine long before she knew me, but I wanted to see if she would love me for who I was, not for my wealth or status.”

The crowd gasped in surprise, and Jasmine couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Jasmine’s heart was pounding with confusion as she asked, “You…you mean you’re not homeless?”

Dean smiled and shook his head. “No, my love. I come from a very wealthy family. That company I told you about? It’s still up and running, and doing quite well, actually.”

Jasmine was at a loss for words. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Do you all understand how incredible it is to fall in love and marry a homeless man?” Dean asked the guests, addressing them once again.

Some nodded, while others still seemed dazed. “I’m going to give this woman everything, because she’s shown me that true love really exists,” Dean said, embracing Jasmine in a tight, emotional hug.

Jasmine felt like she was in a dream as she arrived at the wedding reception later that evening. She expected a regular event, but instead walked into what looked like a scene from a fairy tale.

The decorations were made up of her favorite flowers in every color imaginable. And the food? An elaborate display of imported delicacies. Jasmine had never seen anything so amazing, and the most unbelievable part was that it was all for her.

It turned out to be the happiest day of her life.

Days later, Dean moved all of Jasmine’s belongings into his home – a stunning, resort-style house with high ceilings, breathtaking views, and flooded with natural light.

Jasmine had never imagined living in such luxury. This was her life now, and as soon as she stepped foot on the exquisitely detailed floor of her new home, tears of joy streamed down her face.

Orphan Girl Marries Homeless Man, Guests Mock Her at Wedding until He Takes Mic & Speaks to Her.
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