Woman bought a used stroller. There was a note tucked under the seat cushion. Her life was never the same.

Lindsey and Joe met in foster care for the first time . A boy and a girl, who had lost their parents so early in their lives, saw the whole world in each other and decided never to part ways. As soon as they graduated high school, they got married and began to build a family together.

As time went by, Joe was hired as a manager for a decent building company. Finally they had a stable job with health insurance and other benefits, which meant, they could finally try and have a baby. Lindsey thought they were blessed, since it didn’t took long for her to find out, that she was pregnant. At that time their life seemed so perfect, they never thought, that anything could ruin that. However an awful thing happened.

It was another work day, and the morning was flawless. Lindsey cooked Joe’s favorite breakfast and saw him off to work. She continued her day with the usual chores, when she got a terrible phone call. Joe fell from the third floor and got a serious injury of the spine. By that time Lindsey was seven months pregnant and no longer working.

As soon as she heard the news about her husband, she ran to the hospital, but she didn’t get there. She went into premature labor from great distress. The happiest event she and her husband had been looking forward to was overshadowed by Joe’s injury. And after painful and difficult childbirth Lindsey learned that her beloved husband would never be able to walk again

In six months Joe was discharged from the hospital. From that time on he could only get around in a wheelchair. Of course, the insurance company paid Joe a certain amount of money, and he also received a disability allowance, but the money was still tight. So Lindsey decided to get a job, and Joe took over as a stay-at-home dad for little Leila.

The job Lindsey found was far from perfect, it was at a local diner, but it was close to home, so she took it. Some days she was so tired, that she would start crying. But she could only do it locked in the bathroom, as she didn’t want to show her despair to her husband. One day she was so upset, that she messed up her order. The manager was screaming at the top of his lungs, and then something wonderful happened. Mrs. Miller, her coworker, stood up for her. She was a short, cheerful woman in her sixties. Her eyes were so kind and understanding, that Lindsey told her everything.

Since that day Mrs. Miller became a frequent visitor at their home. Lindsey didn’t understand, why would a stranger person be so kind to them, but she was grateful. For the first time in her life, she felt like she had a mother. Once they were having a family dinner and Lindsey was telling her friend, that she was saving up for a baby carriage. She complained that all strollers were very expensive. Mrs. Miller replied that they cost a lot of money because they were new. And she advised her to follow the example of the daughter of one of her neighbors, who had find a fine stroller for fifty dollars at a flea market.

Linsey thought that it was a good idea, and her friend promised to take her to the flea market by the end of the following week.

When the time came, Mrs. Miller and Lindsey drove to the flea market and almost immediately found a suitable option. The elder woman expertly examined the stroller and approved the purchase.

Lindsey was so happy, she purchased the stroller and wheeled it home. She immediately began to clean it for her little girl. She enthusiastically scrabbed her purchase, when she suddenly discovered a piece of paper under the seat cushions. It was an envelope. At first Lindsey didn’t even pay attention to the finding and put it aside.  But in three days she remembered about the envelope and decided to check what was inside.

It was a note from an unknown woman. She wrote that she was probably dead by the time the letter was read. And she hoped that she could make a positive change for someones life. The letter also stated, that the person who found it should go to  Third Avenue and find a house with a huge oak tree in front of it.

Lindsey felt like a stupid little girl, but she still went to the address. It was a morbid house in a secluded corner. She saw an oak tree growing, and under the tree a white stone.

The most unusual thoughts came to Lindsey’s mind. Is it a hidden treasure? Joy and excitement overwhelmed her, reminding of a carefree childhood. The next morning, the woman went to the house again, taking a shovel with her.
For the next few days Lindsey had been digging all around the tree, hoping to find something unusual, but there was nothing. Just when Lindsey was about to give up, she found another note, in her own closet! It said, that she didn’t need a shovel to find, what was lying right under the tree.

Suddenly Lindsey realized that the handwriting in both notes were the same! But how could a dead woman sent her another letter? Without thinking twice, she went to the lonely house again and took a fresh look around the tree. After careful inspection she realized, that the white stone, which was lying under the tree, wasn’t a stone at all. It was rather a piece of some white concrete. With all her might she struck it. The “rock” didn’t give up right away. After a few blows with the shovel, Lindsey managed to smash it to pieces.

Inside the crumbling “stone” she found a box made of metal. The box was locked, but the key was right there. Lindsey opened the box and saw a few puffy bundles of money and jewelry in it. In addition to the treasures, there was also a letter in the box. It said that the former owner of the cherished box lived in love and wealth, but for full happiness she lacked a child. After many attempts to become pregnant, the Lord gave her and her husband a daughter. However, their happiness did not last long. Soon the little girl passed away, and her husband passed away out of remorse. The letter writer noted that it was likely that her deceased daughter and Lindsey were about the same age. The letter ended with warm wishes for happiness.

Full of joy Lindsey hurried home to her husband and daughter. A vague suspicion appeared in Lindsey’s mind. She began to wonder who had access both to her locker and a stroller. The answer was obvious!
However, when Lindsey arrived at work to thank her faithful friend, she learned that Mrs. Miller no longer worked there. As the manager explained, she had suddenly announced her departure and said she was moving to live on a farm in Montana.
Fortunately, Mrs. Miller left a note with her address on it. When Lindsey saw the handwriting on the note, she finally realized who was their benefactor.

At the family council, it was decided to use the money to buy a house with an extra room and a car that Joe could drive. It was done. Together with their daughter, the couple traveled to Montana. Mrs. Miller was so surprised, when she saw the car driving up and Lindsey getting out. They hugged each other tightly. And Lindsey whispered: “It was you! It was you all along! I don’t want to lose you, dear Mrs. Miller!”

The couple invited the woman to go back with them and live in their new home.

“Mrs. Miller, I know I’m not your daughter, but I would very much like to have such a Mom, and a grandmother for our little Leila. We missed you so much. Would you take the job?”

The old woman was touched to tears. For the first time in many years, future life promised her the joy of adventure, and she herself had been part of the happiness that came with it.

Woman bought a used stroller. There was a note tucked under the seat cushion. Her life was never the same.
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