Mother of the groom meets The Bride and Realizes, this is the Daughter she lost 20 years ago.

It was one of those conversations that a mother and a son usually have.

“Brian, son, tell me, what have you and Sasha decided? When can I see her and have a normal conversation?”, Mrs. Davis asked her son. Brian and Sasha’s wedding was scheduled for November, but Mrs. Davis was still not well acquainted with her future daughter-in-law. All their communication came down to a few video calls, and even then, the conversation was brief.

“Mom, the wedding is next week. The thing is, Sasha’s grandmother has gotten worse, and she asked us to hurry with the ceremony because she wants to see her granddaughter’s wedding as soon as possible. Sasha’s parents will call you soon and tell you everything. I’m sorry about that.”

“That’s all right, Brian. I’m glad to hear that you care about what’s going on in Sasha’s family. What it means to me as a mother, is that I raised a decent son, don’t you agree?”, Mrs. Davis asked with a laugh.

“Absolutely, Mommy! There’s no one better than you! We’ve almost finished all the arrangements, just a few purchases left, I promise to call you later. And I’ll send you the plane tickets tonight. All right?”

“Deal! Take care, see you soon!”, said Mrs. Davis and hung up.

Brian and Sasha met a few years before, during a work conference. One look was enough for them to fall in love with each other. A few months after they met, Brian asked Sasha to be his wife. They planned a trip to Brian’s parents in the near future to tell them the happy news. But soon Sasha’s grandmother’s health deteriorated, and the young people had to rearrange their plans. The wedding ceremony, which was supposed to happen in Brian’s hometown, was moved to New York, where they both worked.

The Davis couple planned to fly to New York on their wedding day early in the morning. Brian and Sasha were supposed to meet them at the airport, but due to organizational problems, Sasha was unable to go to meet her future husband’s parents.

As soon as Mrs. Davis arrived at the wedding hall, she immediately rushed to meet Sasha. Ms. Davis caught her future daughter-in-law in her room already dressed in her wedding dress, surrounded by her close friends. In the reflection of the mirror, Sasha saw Mrs. Davis enter and rushed into her arms.

“Mrs. Davis, how glad I am! We finally get to see each other in person! How are you?”

Sasha’s hug gave Mrs. Davis an unusual feeling, as if she was seeing this girl for a second time. She hesitated, trying to understand her feelings, and stared at Sasha for several minutes, until she was interrupted by a question,

“Mrs. Davis, is everything all right?”

“I’m sorry, Sasha, I was thinking. Everything is fine! My son has a great taste – you are the prettiest girl and the prettiest bride. Don’t you agree, girls?”, She turned to Sasha’s friends. The girls smiled and agreed with Mrs. Davis.

The compliments made Sasha uncomfortable, and she said: “Thank you, Mrs. Davis. for your kind words. Please, have a seat.”

Mrs. Davis took a seat and looked closely at her future daughter-in-law. Suddenly her eyes noticed a birthmark on the girl’s neck. Tina, Mrs. Davis’s own daughter, who had been lost for twenty years, had the same birthmark.

The weather was cloudy that day, when Mrs. Davis decided to take her kids to the amusement park. She had Brian to watch his little sister, while she went to get a snack for the children. But the little boy’s attention was occupied by other children in the park, and he forgot about Tina.

When the woman returned, she could not find her daughter. She ran around the entire park, talked to the workers and police, but the miracle did not happen, the girl was lost.

And now, as Mrs. Davis looked at Sasha, memories of her daughter clearly surfaced in her mind. During their first video conversation, the girl was wearing glasses, and today it was as if her daughter Tina was looking at her through Sasha’s eyes!

There were a lot of questions in Mrs. Davis’ mind, and she didn’t know what to do next. What if it was a mistake? Maybe she should talk to Sasha’s mother. At this point the girl turned to Mrs. Davis: “Are you all right? Are you thinking about something.”

“Sorry, dear, I’m just tired from my trip. Would you introduce me to your mother,” she asked the girl.

Sasha replied that her mother was in the room next door.

“Would you like to go see her together?”, asked Sasha.

“No need, I can manage. See you later!”, Sasha heard back.

Sasha’s mother and her grandmother were in the next room. Sasha’s grandmother was asleep, and Mrs. Matthews guarded her sleep. Mrs. Davis was anxious to get answers to her questions, so she suggested in a whisper that Mrs. Matthews go outside with her.

“Mrs. Matthews, forgive me for asking an immodest question, but tell me, is Sasha your own daughter?”, asked Mrs. Davis.

Mrs. Matthews was taken aback. “Why do you have this question?”

“How can I explain it to you. The fact is that 20 years ago I lost my daughter Tina in an amusement park. Today, when I saw Sasha in person, I realized how much she resembled my missing daughter. But I could be wrong, so I asked. I hope I didn’t offend you?”

In reply, Mrs. Davis heard a deep sigh, and she saw fear in Mrs. Matthews’ eyes. Soon the woman uttered: “I am afraid, you are not mistaken, Mrs. Davis. Sasha is not my own daughter.”

Mrs. Davis felt as if she had been electrocuted, tears welling up in her eyes. At that moment, she mixed feelings of relief and sadness over Mrs. Matthews’ story.

The woman told, that she always dreamed to experience the happiness of motherhood, but God didn’t give her and her husband a child. And the day Mr. Matthews brought home a baby girl, she could not find the strength to let her go. Mrs. Matthews admitted that it was very selfish of her, but she just couldn’t do otherwise.

As it turned out, Mr. Matthews worked at that park. When he finished his shift, he was about to go home when he suddenly noticed a little girl sitting on a bench, crying. He wrapped the little girl in a pink towel and brought her home to warm her up. Mr. Matthews wanted to report the find to the police, but his wife begged him not to.

Mrs. Davis’s sadness vanished instantly, she was furious. She exclaimed: “What have you done! How could you do such a thing! You’ve stolen another man’s child while his own mother was killing herself with grief! Tina must know about this at once!”

In vain Mrs. Matthews tried to persuade Mrs. Davis not to do this. The woman was determined. “Unfortunately, I can’t keep quiet. Tina has the right to know the whole truth.”

When Sasha learned the truth,  despair and pain, overwhelmed her, and she cried. “Mother, is it really true?”, she turned to Mrs. Matthews.

Mrs. Matthews tried to explain everything, but Sasha questioned again, “What about Brian? Did he know everything and not tell me anything? Will somebody explain to me what’s going on?!”

Mrs. Davis began to reassure her new-found daughter; she said Brian didn’t know anything either, and she promised to tell him everything. The poor girl was choking with tears, she didn’t know how to react or what to do with the information that came down on her.

“My girl, don’t worry, everything will be all right, I’m here for you,” Mrs. Davis consoled her daughter.

Soon Brian appeared in the room, summoned to be told the whole truth. It was such a shock  for the young man to learn that his beloved was his own sister.

“How could it be, Mother? It all makes no sense!” “Sasha is my sister, and I can’t marry her now!?” – Brian exclaimed.

After a long pause, Mrs. Davis said: “No, Brian, you can. She is not your real sister”.

Brian was caught by surprise: “You mean how?”

Then Mrs. Davis told him, that Brian’s real parents were her friends, who had been killed in a car accident. The relatives did not want custody of the boy, and wanted to give him to an orphanage. Then Mrs. Davis and her husband decided to adopt Brian.

The young man was shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

Overwhelmed with emotion, Mrs. Davis cried and confessed that she just didn’t have the courage. She had already lost her daughter and could not bear to lose her son. Fear that Brian wouldn’t want them as his parents, forced the couple to keep the secret all these years.

“What are you talking about, mother! How could you think, I would give you up? Not once in my life have I ever felt like a stranger’s child. And even the fact that you didn’t give birth to me won’t affect the way I feel about you. I still love you!”

“Brian’s right,” uttered Sasha. She took both mothers’ hands. “After all, it’s a blessing, I found my biological mother, with my adoptive mother raising me in love and total acceptance. As hard as it is for all of us, let’s try to forget about it and start living a new life!”

Joy and relief filled the hearts of everyone involved in the story. Sasha and her moms walked down the aisle in friendship. After a while, all the families moved in together.

Mother of the groom meets The Bride and Realizes, this is the Daughter she lost 20 years ago.
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